the intelligence of intuition, by Katye Coe

When I dance I work to follow or attend to movement in ways that make room for something to arrive, perhaps even to become visible. That might be a choreographers idea or questions, maybe simply a curiosity to go somewhere in my physical self that feels juicy or pleasurable. I am giving and getting attention simultaneously. It’s not mine, these things that are being revealed or birthed if you like, I’m not the author, I’m a worker that opens the door to them and sets agendas aside to help the idea through the door and into the room!

And I am attending, actively listening through all my senses so that I can be ready to change, dive deeper, take external direction or instruction, and filter the myriad of emotional/ physical/ relationally and image responses that are constantly passing by as I practice/ rehearse/ perform.

I speak for a recognition of the value of this kind of thinking/ attention … a deep embodied sense that is experiential and felt not understood. I repeat, I don’t know, but I feel strongly the vitality of this way of learning and feeling and how it’s recognition might liberate other and little used ways that can make decisions and operate generously and hopefully in this world. And today I’m not scared of saying this in a simple, un-intellectual way.