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Erwin Wurm Exhibition

Last week I got to see an exhibition by Erwin Wurm in Berlin at the Berlinische Gallery, Museum of Modern Art.

The exhibition was composed by different works and the one I found more interesting was the One Minute Sculptures.

This work invited the public to create a sculpture with their own body, using the objects on display and hold it for at least one minute. Next to each object there was a drawing with a position as an example for the public. I started to create my own positions. Only after, when looking around me, I realised other members of the public were only doing the same position suggested by Wurm. In this moment I noticed the need for approval and allowance that sometimes people seek to do things. Or even the concepts of good/bad and fear that this can bring when exploring new ideas and experiments.

In addition, when doing these sculptures, I was paying attention mostly to what I was feeling physically and my emotions. I was tense, sometimes shaking when trying to stay in balance in certain positions and vulnerable. This made me wonder how vulnerable artwork and artists can be (or have to) in order to be seen and share a message.

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Objects for One Minute Sculpture


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Next Choreography Film

Two weeks ago, on the 11th February, I brought in my camera to film the session, in order to create a short documentary piece. Outside of Next Choreography, I am studying on a film and media course, and so I wanted to merge my two passions together, dance and film, by creating a short piece documenting a typical class at Siobhan Davies Studios.

On the week that I filmed, we were using lots of objects as part of the class, exploring and experimenting with ways that our own personal experiences can shape the way we use the items around us. This was great for what I wanted to capture, as my aim was to record the way that individuals in the class work in the space; it meant that I had the opportunity to focus on one person at a time, whilst they were in their own creative world, as well as then being able to see how the Next Choreography members worked together during group activities and discussions.

I had never filmed anything like this before; the unpredictability of what was coming next, both physically and mentally for the dancers, was incredibly exciting to watch, and it meant I barely put my camera down! I thoroughly enjoyed the process in which I filmed and later edited; choosing the right footage to go into the final cut, as well as sourcing the music and making decisions about the colour grading and contrast were all important factors towards making the film as good as it could possibly be.

It would be interesting to see how the film would have changed if it had been filmed at a different time of year. Perhaps in summer, with natural light streaming in through the windows, the film would have a whole different ambiance? I suppose the only way to find that out would be if I were to make another film…

And here it is! I hope you enjoy it.

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Objects Composition versus Personality

Composition1 Composition2 Composition3

This is the composition I made last week. The personal objects I chose were an empty bottle, a lighter, keys, a pen and a hair elastic. As an extra I picked the clips.

When I express myself artistically I tend to create in a very geometrical way. When I was composing it, my choices were not conscious. Only after I started to wonder why I had placed the objects in those specific places and connecting these choices to my personality and personal interests.

I really enjoyed analysing the other people’s compositions, seeing a bit of them in their choices and getting to know their perspective on the creative process.

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