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Rehearsals for NC Festival in full swing!


I have no idea how time between September and now went by so quickly but the rehearsals for this year’s Next Choreography Festival surely are in full swing.

So what have we been doing so far?

Constantly questioning, constructing and deconstructing, venturing into our senses, always looking out for the present moment and for things that work and don’t work in our choreographic practices. Challenging our bodies, our perceptions, and our understanding of what choreography is and what it can be.

I remember moments that felt like a ritual – dancing and singing, in a circle, allowing the movement to come from ‘the guts’, letting go of inhibitions and indulging in the physical expression.

I remember dancing to inner music, outside music, no music, with music, and against music. I remember improvising to the sound of Donal Trump’s voice (highly recommend experience but must be treated with care).

And frames. We explored many frames this year. Siobhan Davies’ gestures and poses, Lee Anderson’s pictures/postcards, Martin Hargreaves’s uncreative creativity, forgery, theft… These are only some examples of artists whose choreographic practices and frames we explored this year. Each time, the frame (or a choreographic task if you’d like) was set up and we used our bodies as resources to engage and create within it. Amy Bell (the Next Choreography facilitator) often told us to think of choreography as a machine that you first set up and then put the movement through. Something will always come out, and the more you understand this machine, the more exciting the potential results.


What should you expect from the Festival then?

Over the past couple of months we have accumulated tons of materials, notes, reflections, and experiences. We got very excited when planning the Festival – there were choreographer’s hats and badges, ritual dances in the courtyard, and other plans. Amy and Laura (the SDD Learning & Participation Producer) worked very hard with us to refine and compile our ideas into an exciting programme that reflects and goes beyond what we have experienced this year.

This year we encourage you to explore choreography through improvisation, challenge the perception of the performer-spectator relationship in a participatory piece, venture into different corners of SDD studios to see how dance unfolds in unexpected spaces, discuss other talented young people’s work as part of the Feedback Forum, and much more.

Overall, the Next Choreography Festival will overtake the SDD Studios for the whole of Sunday 9th July, filling it with installations (visual and sound), dance, movement, discussions, food (for body and for thought), and fun. Definitely an event not to miss.

For more information about the festival schedule and tickets:

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Festival Planning

Term 3 is in full swing and we’re busy planning the upcoming Next Choreography Festival (3 July), which celebrates the end of our course for this year.

Our session with Emma Gladstone (Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Dance Umbrella) last week gave us food for thought as our plans take shape. Emma shared her experiences and approach to programming and producing a festival. This input gave us all lots to consider for our festival; the frame we provide for the work within the event, the audience, what and how we communicate about the festival, and our hook.

As Project Coordinator it’s my job to produce the festival, working with Charlotte (NC Facilitator and curator of the NC Festival) to ensure our participants ideas and experience are at the heart of it.  Members of the group are developing work in progress for performance within a Young Artists Feedback Forum at the event, they are devising an exhibition that reveals their learning from across the year, they are considering the use of each space within our beautiful building to inform our festival programme ensuring we welcome and engage our audience.  I’m so excited about seeing their ideas develop with this focus upon our festival.  The group are brimming with thoughtful intelligent suggestions, which reflect their inquisitive approach to the whole course, and I am delighted to help realise them.

Join us on 3 July!

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