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In October I had the opportunity to discuss my aims with Charlotte Spencer. Not just within the Next Choreography program but also in my general development. I joined the program feeling that I aspired to have involvement in the dance industry although it seemed I couldn’t break away from the sense that I was still a student waiting to feel a part of it. This includes having knowledge about current artists and work of all genres. Especially after moving to London a year ago, a location considered to be the hub of artistic opportunities. The habit of studying within a course and waiting for the industry to come to you was something I moved away from after joining the program. It opened up my peripheral vision encouraging me to look elsewhere. Being involved in something external to my studies immediately encouraged me to stop waiting and start exploring. I feel a lot more confident and active in my own development instead of relying on my place of study to have the ability to cover all my individual aims.

Another focus of mine was to continue to challenge myself when creating/choreographing. I usually stop at the first or second exploration rather than to keep asking for more from my idea. I was essentially limiting the possibilities and my creative potential. Since working within the Next Choreography program I have been able to continue asking questions about all elements of my creative input. Working on projects to perform and considering why we stand here and the audience sit there, why we finish at this point, why we choose to digest direction in this way. Now I feel like there are less ‘loop holes’. No decision is made without consideration and experimentation. As we break up for Christmas I know I give myself more opportunities to push my creative tool box and move away from the habit of “that’ll do”.

Our first term of sessions has come to an end for Christmas. Time has flown by and 12 weeks of collaboration, creation, experimentation, questioning and playing seem to all merge into a pathway towards where I stand now. My outlook and intake. The process of conceptualising ideas, inspirations, experiences and other art forms including every day life events. The sessions, as if my mind has become a video camera, have widened the frame increasing the possibilities and ideas I stumble across.

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