The Thinking Body – Who Can Dance?

Sarah back again! I have started in a lovely new school the last two weeks St Mary’s Primary School in Putney delivery more Thinking Body sessions. As we have been doing at all the primary schools this term, we asked the students to question their own learning a little bit more closely. Asking questions like ‘what did you learn about your body today?’ and ‘how is movement helping you learn?’.

Following on from my previous post about Charlotte Sharman Primary School when I asked them ‘What is dance?’ – I did the same at St Mary’s which diverted the children into a conversation about who can dance? 


First comments were that older people and disabled people can’t dance. One little boy’s hand shot up instantly and he explained that his sister is disabled and she loves dancing! After some discussion, the pupils ultimately decided that EVERYONE CAN DANCE. Dance is just movement and so any movement is dancing. I encouraged the children to take this forward into all their lessons showing confidence because they are all dancers and can dance!

They showed amazing capacity to explore and try new things after this conversation and we explored States of Matter in Year 4 (showing atomic structures with our bodies), Orbits and Circles in Year 5 (seeing which of our body parts can make circles and how we can orbit each other) and Evolution in Year 6 (showing small changes over a long period of time). More to come on those lessons soon!

Answers to who can dance?

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