‘My Amazing Thinking Body’

I’ve been working with Year 4 and Year 1 pupils at St John the Divine Primary School this half term on ‘The Thinking Body’ project which is in response to Siobhan Davies Dance’s new exhibition material/rearranged/to/be.

We have been using our senses as the starting point to explore our amazing thinking bodies and how we receive and respond to the world through what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

The children have played with ideas which challenge and highlight their brain/body connections, explored sights that are both real and imagined, sounds which inspire or instruct, tipping, balancing, falling, catching and how our proprioception helps us know which way is up!

This week was about Yum and Yuck and how our individual likes and dislikes can be read through gesture and action. The Yr 1 children got busy sniffing from the variety of smells below and then we used their responses to have amazing Yum/Yuck movement conversations.image