Looping, Circling and Perfect Unison at Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Sarah here! I’m one of the SDD Primary School Programme Dance Artists. Today I’ve been working in Charlotte Sharman Primary School who are right next door to SDD. This is my third year at the school and even long before me SDD have had a longstanding relationship with the school. Today  I was working with Reception, Year 1 and Year 5 – all of whom came enthusiastic and full on energy!

In Year 5 they are learning about Vikings so we took a deeper look into the rowing actions of the longboats the Vikings used to travel. We had a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZE1LwagDQI and discussed the action of the oars being ‘circling, looping, and in unison’. Firstly, the students explored the circling action of the oars on their own, using their arms and then other body parts. Then the pupils investigated how they could replicate this looping action not only with different body parts but on different planes of movement. The concept of looping is connected to Matthias Sperling’s Loop Atlas within Siobhan Davies Dance new work material / rearranged / to / be.


We then took it a step further and had the students in teams to see if they could replicate the looping on different planes with different body parts but in perfect unison with their team. It was fascinating to watch and discuss with them their ability to work as a team to achieve perfect unison with no counting, talking, general dance knowledge, or rehearsing. I think they even surprised themselves! Can’t wait to see where this will take us next week! Exciting things in store for this term at Charlotte Sharman.