Welcome to the Primary School Programme blog!


Siobhan Davies Dance primary school programme has been in full swing since 2007.

To date we have worked with 1,542 pupils and 1,650 teachers directly, with a further 4,900 teachers engaging in our digital resources. If every teacher we have worked with teaches content informed by our work to just one class of 30 pupils, we have reached 198,042 pupils so far.  We have big ambitions to reach far more children because we believe in the power of dance to engage, enrich and inspire, and more importantly we believe in the importance of embodied intelligence.

Our approach is a little different from most other dance opportunities. We have no taught steps. Our artists facilitate tasks that enable participants to consider, respond, investigate, experiment, create and structure movement. The empowerment, ownership and creativity that unfolds is magical!

This blog is a space for our primary school specialist dance artists and participating teachers and pupils to share and reflect on their work, with the hope that more teachers, pupils and artists might be inspired to give it a go, or work with us.

Welcome and enjoy!