Next Choreography 2014-15

week 2 thoughts

30/09/14, Reflections on week 2

Exercise: moving with and sensing your partner.

Task description: 1. put a hand on your partner’s lower back.

2. then your partner starts to move, and you follow your partner’s movement while your hand still remains on her back.

3. Then after your partner moves towards stillness, you gradually remove your hand away from your partner, but still maintain the connection with her through energy. Then you feel that you are connected to a bigger space.

4. watch others dance in sync.

Thought: 1. I can really feel where her gravity is while she was moving, and also I feel like my movement was in sync with her by the force of her moving gravity.

2. By observing others dance in a group, i learnt that everyone has different movement quality and then movement habit. They have their own way of generating movement, someone may be starting from their spine, arm or even legs.

3. This task also develops a strong connection with the ensemble. And also allowing us to open our sensation to really feel others, especially when my hand left my partners back, I still remind the feeling of her back.  Also i feel like I have been more connected with the space and others and I could sense it more in depth.


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My Walking Stories experience

Everyday I walk around and don’t see a lot, but along this guided journey I noticed all of the small things around me and felt as if I was sharing a really special experience with everyone around me, not only the participants but also the general public in the park. The journey I went on calmed me and made me feel connected with my surroundings, my feet were firmly on the ground and my eyes wandered to notice everything that interested me. It made me think about how many people had been along the pathways I was tracing and saw the things I could see.

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Walking Stories – A First Impression

Taking part in Walking Stories was beyond surreal, and transported you outside the boundaries of reality. You felt untouchable, like the appointed observers of the world charged with the responsibility of monitoring mankind.

The sensations of Walking Stories were overwhelming. Being instructed to pause and really look at the sky, translated into a powerful reminder of the magnitude of the universe in relation to a single self. This perspective is one we are rarely allowed to enjoy. When combined with the autumn light and the rest of the world continuing around us, unaware of the voice,  the experience became increasingly cinematic. I was reluctant to return to the ‘reality’ of the studio, and came away feeling as though my perspective of the world around me had been rebooted to provide a novel hyper-sensitivity to my surroundings.

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Watching, Responding & Listening

I can feel more than I can see (being the follower)

What to do when there’s no more support? (being the mover)
In the space, when the hand was removed, I still wanted to feel

After 5 minutes of continuous writing, I knew from my own experiences that not everything I would hear from my partners script would make sense immediately. The thought process was a little slow but effective. Obviously we would not know all, but I feel as our last words of our own interpretation rang true of what we initially meant. We listened to the things we didn’t hear. Read in between the lines and formed an understanding.


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We come from…

It is the third week of Next Choreography 2014-15, we did a writing exercise today about projects that we are involved in, but there was one twist…

We had to continuously write for five minutes and every sentence/ phrase had to start with ‘I come from…’ Resulting in some deep thoughts…

Some of Emily’s sentences include:
‘I come from a force. I come from a force pushing out. I come from moving people away. I come from separating a crowd into many individuals.’

Some of Aura’s words include:
‘I come from a suitcase. I come from trying really hard’

We did this writing exercise as part of our audition back in July and it was really nice to revisit it today and also to be able to discuss our sentences with a partner. It allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of each other and the projects that we are both participating in outside Next Choreography.

Our verbal diarrhoea’s can actually mean something to someone…
to be continued…


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The moving body responding

It’s week 3, and in advance of other artists coming in and us starting to go and see stuff, I wanted to focus our attentions this evening on the nature of noticing, witnessing, listening and responding. But I also felt that we haven’t spent much time moving together yet, and I wanted to allow the session to be about meeting and responding through/with our bodies. I let the group choose between more moving or less moving. They chose more, and so the responding and listening and witnessing was probably more through moving than through talking. This culminated in sharing those experiences, through writing.

In discussion Aura and Emily

Aura and Emily sharing their writing


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Cultivating curiosity

After many months of preparations and recruitment, Next Choreography has started! The group met for the first time last tuesday evening and we started out by making our own manifesto for the year to come – as a group what feels important to us? what are the guidelines/frameworks that we will hope to live by? The process of constructing this brought up some interesting and I think useful conversations about care, support, space for failure and vulnerability, space for making a mess and getting lost – seeing these as essential ingredients for creativity to thrive.

As facilitator of the course, for me, my strongest aims for this course are about cultivating curiosity. If each person in the group walks away at the end of the year with a clearer idea about what their practice is, what it is that they’re really really curious about, hungry to keep investigating it and a few tools in their pockets to help with that journey, then I will be happy.

Tonight the group are going to do Walking Stories – my most recent piece of artistic work – a choreographed group audio walk for green spaces. Let’s see how that goes down!

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