On track

Baker Street station, 06/10/2016

Baker Street station, last Thursday, on my way back from Siobhan Davies Dance.

Maybe choreography could be as simple as a sign: THIS SIDE UP. Three words and an arrow to direct people’s movements in space. Isn’t that a form of choreography? I would go as far as saying that it’s an attempt to organise a crowd-reograhy when stations are busiest. And how reassuring is that?

During the first session of Next Choreography 2016-2017, two weeks ago, we tried to define choreography and discussed various aspects of it. I jotted down so many points that I left the studio with questions marks all over my head. On that day, the journey home didn’t help me come up with a satisfactory answer.

But suddenly, randomly, a bit of an answer has come. And I’m curious to see what kind of ideas the coming weeks will bring me.