To play or not to play?


Triangular arrangement

Which way now?

This term the Saturday morning children classes have been full of child led movement exploration and playfulness. We continue to understand how important it is for children to have opportunities to experiment and be creative, led by their own curiousity and invention. The beautiful roof studio at SDD provides a wonderful, expansive playground for our fledgling artists to move freely and safely.

Since January our focus and inspiration has been on shape – 2D, 3D – circle/sphere, square/cube, cylinder, triangle/pyramid or arrow head, heart shaped thoughts of how we love to move either alone or with others. A giant soft rolling ball, bubbles, stickers, dice, strong cardboard tubes have all encouraged and extended the children’s natural movement responses, including rolling, stepping/jumping over, hiding limbs, looking through, stacking, knocking over, lying on. The older children have created sequences and stories of shape inspired journeys filled with fluid never-stopping spirals, pointing body parts or triangular positions.

In recognising the extent and variety of shape in our everyday, whether in the studio, around the building, within our bodies or in the outside world, the children are able to recognise shape sized tools and extend their options when exploring, creating and playing.

Interacting, experimenting, embodying and imagining are all such precious ways to play and help in shaping our thoughts and awareness.

Thoughts on squareness