Expanding Thoughts

In my first post I indicated the areas I have been exploring over the past few months as part of the Human Nature series, but I wanted to expand further on where these ideas came from. As part of Connect and Grow I have been attempting to listen to and observe the work of the artists involved in the Human Nature series; those exhibiting, performing, choreographing and developing projects. Over this time I have picked up on particular themes and ideas which have been repeated and attempted to develop my own response to them. In the first artist talk Christian Kerrigan, in talking about some of his photographs, spoke of the act of placing and arranging which belongs to all artists, but which he had given up in the making of his photographic works; where he had instead allowed the scientific reactions taking place to dictate the arrangement of objects within the composition of the photograph. Then in Daniel Lobb’s artist discussion he talked of how garden designers ‘reconfigure recognizable elements from nature in the process of creating new designs’.

I was struck by this preoccupation we have as humans of rearranging the things already existing in nature. Writers reorder words, artists and designers arrange objects, colours and shapes, mathematicians arrange numbers, designers arrange words and images within space, choreographers and directors arrange bodies within space, and so I could continue.

Gardeners in particular rearrange and place seeds within specific spaces to allow for new arrangements of plants to grow alongside one another.  Natural ‘gardens’ exist all around us but through a series of questions and enquiries garden designers select from the array of plants surrounding them and reconfigure them into new patterns and formations.  Working with this idea I began creating a series of small drawings of objects which appear to be seeds, reconfigured into varying formations…