Erwin Wurm Exhibition

Last week I got to see an exhibition by Erwin Wurm in Berlin at the Berlinische Gallery, Museum of Modern Art.

The exhibition was composed by different works and the one I found more interesting was the One Minute Sculptures.

This work invited the public to create a sculpture with their own body, using the objects on display and hold it for at least one minute. Next to each object there was a drawing with a position as an example for the public. I started to create my own positions. Only after, when looking around me, I realised other members of the public were only doing the same position suggested by Wurm. In this moment I noticed the need for approval and allowance that sometimes people seek to do things. Or even the concepts of good/bad and fear that this can bring when exploring new ideas and experiments.

In addition, when doing these sculptures, I was paying attention mostly to what I was feeling physically and my emotions. I was tense, sometimes shaking when trying to stay in balance in certain positions and vulnerable. This made me wonder how vulnerable artwork and artists can be (or have to) in order to be seen and share a message.

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Objects for One Minute Sculpture