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Manifesto for the Art of Being

Mon métier et mon art, c’est vivre.



I refuse to perform. I will be.

If the performance of everyday tasks or interactions could be as finely and thoughtfully executed as my best dancing, sure – I would do it.

But what is creation, what is change, what is progress if they are not sustained, nurtured day after day?

What is conveyed on stage or praised in the studio should also be part of people’s life outside.

To be generous on stage and selfish on the street? To strive for technical perfection and forget about ethics or basic considerations?

Franchement, non.

Turn off the spotlights. Do you still move the same way? Or have you suddenly lost your dancer’s costume?


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Proposal for an exhibition “CARE”


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On track

Baker Street station, 06/10/2016

Baker Street station, last Thursday, on my way back from Siobhan Davies Dance.

Maybe choreography could be as simple as a sign: THIS SIDE UP. Three words and an arrow to direct people’s movements in space. Isn’t that a form of choreography? I would go as far as saying that it’s an attempt to organise a crowd-reograhy when stations are busiest. And how reassuring is that?

During the first session of Next Choreography 2016-2017, two weeks ago, we tried to define choreography and discussed various aspects of it. I jotted down so many points that I left the studio with questions marks all over my head. On that day, the journey home didn’t help me come up with a satisfactory answer.

But suddenly, randomly, a bit of an answer has come. And I’m curious to see what kind of ideas the coming weeks will bring me.

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