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Preparing for Next Choreography

Next Choreography is new. It’s a yearlong course in choreography and contemporary art. It starts in September. But actually, it’s already begun. We’ve selected the group: 15 excited, interested, curious young people. I’m preparing. I’m brimming with the challenge of creating a framework that will do all the things we hope the course will do: encourage creative decision making; provoke and stimulate new ideas and insights physically and conceptually; build a sense of community; foster talent and develop choreographic skills and strategies; expose and promote thorough research across art forms and beyond; engage, inspire and build confidence… I could go on. And we have 2 hours a week – I know that I am/we are being ambitious and I’m happy about that; I think we need to be ambitious and the scope of this course is huge.

In my preparing, I’ve been squirreling around searching out ‘What’s on‘ this autumn – wanting to feel as up to speed as possible with what is most current in artistic practice, and how that is displaying itself in London. I know that we are limited by resource and by time with how much we can actually take this group to see/visit/experience, but I’m keen to keep feeding in an array of suggestions and recommendations to help cultivate a hunger and a curiosity to experience as much as possible. This feels important, both to support their own personal artistic development and to know better the context in which they are making.

I am intent on creating a varied and responsive programme with a strong structural anchor, thereby allowing for extensive personal creative investigation yet retaining solid, familiar ground to return to/rest in when necessary! This process of designing and responding demands flexibility and agility from me and recognising the difference between being extremely prepared and extremely planned. To remain responsive, prepared (flexible) feels more useful than planned (fixed). We’ll see what happens!

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