About Next Choreography

Next Choreography is a yearlong programme for 14 -21 year olds keen to learn about choreographic processes used across artistic disciplines.

Through regular activities participants look beyond dance considering a range of artists’ making processes, create their own work, curate and produce a dedicated Choreographic Youth Festival.

Term One, September – December 2014

Participants meet artists and attend events, performances and exhibitions. This term has a strong choreographic component looking at how a diverse range of artists make work across different artistic disciplines such as filmmakers, writers and visual artists.

Term Two, January- March 2015

Participants experiment with the choreographic approaches experienced in the first term to make their own work.

Term 3, April- July 2015

Participants share their ideas and experiences by producing and curating a Choreographic Youth Festival on Saturday 4 July 2015 at Siobhan Davies Studios.

One of the contributors to the Next Choreography blog is Facilitator Charlotte Spencer. Her posts can be seen here.