About Connect & Grow

“Allowing ideas to drift over time and watching to see what settles and eventually solidifies is an exercise in patience.   I am resisting the urge to ‘finish’ my task.  I am attempting to let my ideas ruminate for longer before deciding what they are and then executing them.” Pari Naderi

Connect and Grow brings together five photographers, who have been working throughout the year to challenge the relationship between photography and movement.  Using the Siobhan Davies Dance Human-Nature  season as a starting point,  the photographers have created responses to, and investigated ideas from, the various exhibitions and artists.  Over the year the photographers are taking the time to explore and consider changes of direction, without the pressure of having to present a finished work.

Connect and Grow  is led by Pari Naderi, with John Watts, Sonia Davin-Smith, Sarah Adams and Ulrike Oberlack.